the best decisions are always made by two people with common goals and complementary aesthetics.
dianna karvounis and vivian philippa

Industrial designer Dianna Karvounis, with a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College and a Master's Degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute, has a strong earthbound quality interfused with cosmopolitan flair. For years she made a reputation designing for a high profile clientele. Her signature design and production company has left an enduring mark in the world of luxury interiors, merging her New York sensibility with her ancient Greek heritage. Architect Vivian Philippa has studied Architecture at the National Technical University of Athens specializing in urban planning. Her extended experience in large scale projects mainly of a cultural nature, has led her down paths few of her colleagues have had the opportunity to explore: from celebrated theater stages to luminous museums, restoration and preservation of buildings, hotel refurbishment and landscape design.

Having collaborated successfully on various projects they combined their creative forces in 2009 and founded Two Is Company, fusing their knowledge, experience and inspiration.

design and architecture

The extensive professional experience of Dianna Karvounis in design and Vivian Philippa in architecture and their profound creative dialogue have established a powerful design force.
Two Is Company manages every stage from inspiration to the design process and production and proposes a unique range of handmade luxury furniture, lighting, rugs and decorative objects all of which can be custom made upon request.
On a larger scale Two Is Company undertakes architectural and interior design projects with modernistic inspiration and international identity, providing full on site supervision, high standards of construction and unparalleled customer focus. Two Is Company offers its clients optimum quality, excellent craftsmanship and exclusivity in elegance.

concept and philosophy

The Two Is Company design concept is thematically diverse taking ancient Greek patterns, symbols and structures and redefining them within a contemporary context. The firm’s designs are characterized by a subtle sense of luxury balanced with a touch of austerity and sensuality combining archaic harmony with Mid-century modernism.
Two Is Company’s distinctive and contemporary aesthetics are complemented by the utilization of natural materials such as wood, bronze and marble and the highest handmade production standards.
Two Is Company believes that the key to unlocking beauty is an open mind.
Dianna Karvounis takes a passionate interest in architecture and Vivian Philippa is amazed by how much she is learning from product design. It is all about looking at the world through each other’s perspective and together creating new worlds for their clients to live in.